You have worked all your life, now you cannot because of an injury or medical condition that has disabled you. You have no place to turn for money to keep your life going. The Social Security Administration permits someone who qualifies the right to receive benefits. Whether your condition is physical, emotional or as a result of disease, you may be eligible for benefits.The Social Security Disability appeal process is complicated and requires specific attention to details.  Our firm can help you with all the necessary steps to start an application for Disability benefits and take you through the appeal process if necessary....All Consultations are Free  Call 724-856-8780

​​An auto accident can change lives. Your insurance company contacts you, the other insurance company contacts you, your vehicle is totaled or needs repaired. We take away the burden and hassle of dealing with Insurance companies. You concentrate on getting better, we'll take of the rest. Everyone would rather not be in an auto accident but, when it happens you need an experienced Attorney  to get the compensation you deserve. Give us a call, we'll be glad to meet with you to discuss your claim and any questions... All consultations are Free   Call 724-856-8780



Everyone who owns property has a duty to keep the premises safe, especially business owners. A property owner must keep the premises free from any dangerous or defective condition. If you are hurt because someone failed to maintain their duty and it caused you to get hurt, you need legal representation immediately. Our office will visit the site, take pictures of what caused the fall and interview witnesses. A full investigation into what happened is essential.  Do not hesitate give us a call...All consultations are Free   Call 724-856-8780

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Work Injuries happen everyday, do not be ashamed or think you might lose your job because you got hurt at work. Fault is not an issue when it comes to your ability to work. Too many times workers' try to handle their claim without an Attorney. They have Lawyers shouldn't you? Whether you have been denied benefits, the Insurance company wants stop them or it's time to settle your claim, we can meet and discuss your rights and options....All consultations are Free      Call 724-856-8780